Specialty Treatments

Specialty Treatments

Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain, unhappy with your skin quality, or looking to share the benefits of acupuncture as a couple, Dr. Holly Nobil, DOM, AP, offers many specialty treatments to meet your needs at Natural Healthcare Partners in Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. Holly's collaborative approach ensures you receive a customized treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns and health goals. Call today or use the online booking tool to learn more.

What types of specialty treatments are available?

Dr. Nobil is an expert provider of a wide range of treatments, including:

Group acupuncture

Group acupuncture allows you to experience the benefits of this traditional Chinese medicine technique in a communal setting. Dr. Nobil expertly administers treatments to multiple individuals simultaneously, creating a shared space for healing and well-being.

Couples acupuncture

Tailored to you and your partner, couples acupuncture provides personalized treatments that promote individual and relational health through a shared experience.

Organ cleanse and tonification

This herbal therapeutic treatment rebalances your body’s energy (Qi). Dr. Nobil prescribes specific herbs and natural remedies to address your deficiencies, fostering a personalized and holistic approach to support your overall health.

Acupuncture with Gyrokinesis

Gyrokinesis emphasizes the importance of spinal mobility, focusing on movements that promote flexibility, strength, and dynamic flow. Combining this technique with acupuncture can relieve pain, improve joint and muscle function, and enhance your physical well-being.

Which specialty treatments are right for me?

A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Holly will help to determine which specialty treatments suit your needs. During this initial evaluation, Dr. Holly explores your medical history, answers your questions and concerns, and discusses your health goals. This information helps her develop a personalized plan tailored to your needs.

Call Natural Healthcare Partners today or use the online booking tool to schedule a specialty treatment consultation.